ABC Ltd- Empowering Change Through Transactional Giving

At Advanced Building Contractors, we aspire to create a positive impact both locally and globally. As a company, we take pride in supporting charities and local community-based groups.

Our invoicing process involves supporting transactional giving through a partnership with B1G1 Business for Good.

Upon receiving an order or payment, we allocate funds to worthy causes chosen by our staff, thereby contributing to communities worldwide. This initiative allows us to give back meaningfully, expressing gratitude to our clients for their instructed work.

Projects Advanced Building Contractors are dedicated to supporting initiatives focused on poverty alleviation, health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, environmental causes, as well as local assistance to homeless individuals and food banks, aiming to make a positive impact in these areas. Since 2007, B1G1 has partnered with 2,000+ businesses across industries, generating over 160 million giving impacts.

ABC Ltd's Sustainable Development Goal

Global Impact So Far

Additional Charitable Organisations We Support

Highlighted below are some of the charities that Advanced Building Contractors proudly supports. It’s important to note that our commitment extends beyond these specific examples, as we actively contribute to a broader array of charities dedicated to various causes.