Project Details

Location: Lister Way, Blantyre
Client Name: JLL
Project Duration: 6 months
Scope Of Work: Fire protection and Podium Deck Waterproofing
Business Sector: Office

External Fire Protection

Grit Blasting of existing Steel work to SA 2.5 to remove previously applied defective intumescent coating system.

Under a temperature and moisture-controlled climate the application of Nullifire SC902 system to a C3 standard following the manufacture’s specifications all under guidance/supervision of Nullifire and Firespec

Internal Fire Protection

Over boarding of structural steel due to previously applied defective intumescent coatings failing. Rockwool foil faced beam clad and Promat P250 to cellular beams.

All Passive smoke systems were overhauled and building left compliant to all regulations. All works achieving BRE accreditation.

External Water Proofing

Existing bituthene waterproof membrane had failed, there for was removed, and bison slabs prepared to receive Alumasc hydrotek system. A hydrotek system was applied under the guidance of Alumasc undertaking frequent site inspections. All works were signed off and 40-year warranty given. At which point the blackdown sedum green roof and hard landscapes reinstated to match existing.

All works undertaken with occupants using the top floor of the building.