Project Details

Location: Rutherglen, Glasgow
Client Name: Direct Line Group
Project Duration: 28 weeks
Architect: Avison & Young
Scope Of Work: Spray Booth | Automotive Repair | Demolition | M&E | Excavation
Business Sector: Auto repair

Alter the existing paint workshop/ parts store and installation of 6 new spray booths for an auto repair workshop, one of the biggest in Europe.

Works were phased to allow the paint workshop to remain operational.

Project works included.

  • Installation of new temporary parts store within the northeast car park
  • Demolition of the existing parts office.
  • View from parts office to spray booths section
  • Alterations to the existing and installation of new M&E services, lighting and containment.
  • Phased installation and commissioning of 6 No. new Spray booths and associated works.
  • Excavation of pits, installation of new plant decks, installation of new services (gas, electric) and plant, installation of new flues, etc.
  • Forming of new roof penetrations and installation of anchor points and external restraints for the new flues.
  • Relocation of existing DB Boards and services.
  • Demolition of the existing jumbo stud separating wall between the Parts Store and Paint Workshop.
  • Phased decommissioning and removal of the existing spray booths and associated services, plant and plant deck.